Bingo- More On Types, Rules and Etiquettes

Bingo is no more a kid’s game; most of the people have started to play bingo online. There are varieties of bingo that can be played. Each varies slightly but the base of playing bingo is the same. Many websites are introducing different bingo games each day. Though it is not possible to list out all the bingo games, below is a list of certain games that are currently popular online.

90 Ball Bingo:

This is the most common form of bingo. It consists of 3 rows and 9 columns. There are three prizes to be won, to learn more refer their website. one winner for the first line; one for the second and one for the full house.

75 Ball Bingo:

This is the most popular version of bingo in the United States. This contains five rows and five columns and a total of 25 squares. The middle square is blank and the rest have twenty four numbers. Players to complete a row horizontally, vertically and diagonally first are considered as winners.

80 Ball Bingo:

This is similar to 75 ball bingo. Main difference is that it has four by four squares. A player to achieve a certain pre defined pattern is considered the winner.

Deal or No Deal Bingo:

This is a recent version and is based on the popular TV game show. Similar to the game show one can choose a numbered box at the start and there are four prizes up for grabs as opposed to three. One can choose whether to take the jackpot or see what amount lies inside the box. This is very popular online.

Joker Bingo:

This type of bingo is played with normal cards instead of numbers. Here there are two prizes one for the person completing the bingo on letter J and other for the person who completes all their cards.

Bingo is still one of the popular games at casino. The popularity makes many people to give it a try. As more and more people try it the popularity of bingo continues to spread. Similar to other games that are played, online bingo also has certain etiquettes that have to be followed.

Online Bingo – Rules To Be Followed

Though it is not necessary for one to reserve a seat as one does in a casino or bingo hall, there are certain etiquettes that has to be followed in an online bingo game.

  • The important rule in bingo is to click on the bingo button if your pattern matches the specified one else your win will not be considered to claim the prize.
  • Click bingo as early as possible. It is a multiplayer game. Though you may not see your opponent, they are playing on the other side and they may claim the win. So as soon as the pattern is matched, click on the bingo button.
  • Certain sites allow auto dauber facility where the particular number is marked automatically by the computer.
  • Certain sites allow the players to mark the number without clicking but through voice recognition.
  • Each bingo game is different. So be careful to understand the rules of each game.
  • Most of the online bingo provides chat facility to their players. Make use of the chat facility wisely. There are even chat etiquettes that have to be followed carefully

Bingo Chat Etiquettes

  • Be polite when you are communicating with your co players.
  • When other player asks you a question, do not avoid them. Respect their question and answer them properly.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or fight with the dealer or co-players. Any disputes handle it gracefully and complain it via the support system.
  • Never talk politics in the chat room.
  • Don’t argue and enter into unnecessary disputes.
  • Do not provide tips to your co player, as it may result in dispute if they did not get what they expected.
  • Do not ask or borrow money from them.
  • No racial and sexual talks are allowed in the Chat room.
  • Do not promote other related or unrelated websites
  • No spamming is allowed
  • Fully abide by the rules of the game
  • Do not try to hack the system or do illegal operations individually or as a group

Thus if you follow common sense and play ethically bingo is a fun game for you and for everyone in the online room. Do not wait longer try out some the best sites that offer bingo. Be careful to read reviews and join only genuine sites.